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Zax Gunnolf
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Name: Zax Gunnolf
Birthplace: Gongaga
Age: 18
Birthdate: [Error; data not found]
Height: 5' 7"
Blood Type: [Error; data not found]
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Known Relatives: Erika Gunnolf (mother), Admetus Gunnolf (father), Damek Gunnolf (cousin, estranged)
Occupation: SOLDIER
Rank: 1st Class
Time Employed with Shin-Ra: 3 years
Employment status: Current
Weapons: basic model Buster Sword, martial arts

Current Notes: Employee shows great competence when armed with a standard-issue Buster Sword, and is also an effective hand-to-hand fighter. Speed and stamina are notable even by First Class standard. Has some problems with insubordination and unruly behavior (esp. immature pranks) but otherwise displays acceptable conduct. Prefers to work with SOLDIER candidate Cloud Strife (ref: clod_strife) when possible.

Has proven to be reasonably able in combat against known hostile (ref: advent_kadaj). Has recently been working closely with General Sephiroth (ref: shinrassoldier).

Background: Born and raised as an only child by his two parents in Gongaga (ref: Gongaga Mako Reactor). Left home at age 13 to apply for SOLDIER. Qualified for 1st Class two years later. Appears to have been uninvolved in the incident caused by Damek Gunnolf (ref: amethyst_apathy).

((This is an RP account for Sages of Chaos (sages_of_chaos) and Altered Planet (alterplanet). The crazy fangirl puppeting Zax is voodoobob.))